Revolutionary Hospital Integrations And Referral Management Solutions

Making Connections With Outside Providers To Allow Your Doctors To Quickly And Securely Make Referrals Shouldn't Take Months Of Work. With The ClikRx System, You Can Make Integrations In Just A Few Days Without The Security Risks Of Giving Unlimited Access To Patient Records.


How ClikRx Can Help You

Health Systems

Let ClikRx help you manage your integration process by using our graphical interface to quickly integrate local outside providers into your EMR so that doctors can quickly make referrals and orders without exposing your patient's data to security leaks. Once ClikRx is part of your health system, we can help you route and process your doctor's referrals, orders, and prescriptions along with all of the related documentation for doctor referrals, lab orders, DME prescriptions, imaging center referrals, and home health referrals.


Private Practices

Without a network of physicians and providers for you to easily access and send your patients to, your patients are left to fend for themselves when searching for the care they need. With the ClikRx system, we provide access to a whole network of specialists, DME suppliers, imaging centers, home health care providers, and labs.

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DME Suppliers

DME suppliers need information from the health system, but many are still relying on paper forms and fax-based methods that are insecure and take a tremendous amount of time. Help yourself and your doctors by using the ClikRx system to accelerate and simplify your prescription intake process.


Imaging Centers

There's a lot of data that needs to be transferred between an imaging center and a doctor's office, and your patients shouldn't be stuck in the middle. With ClikRx, we can help you to get results back to the doctor quickly, and help you to communicate with the doctor with any updates or requested information.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


Making sure that your doctors are able to get samples to you is always a pain. ClikRx helps you to manage the process by giving your doctors an easy to use a system for communicating, transferring results, and placing orders for tests that need to be done.


ClikRx helps to sort specialists and match patients to the most relevant provider. We do this by looking at what services a patient needs and what insurance networks they belong to. No more surprise out of network expenses for patients, and no more lost revenue from out of network patients.


Home Health

Patient intake involves a lot of paperwork to make sure that you have the documentation for your patient's insurance to cover home health care. With the ClikRx system, we can streamline this process for you so that you get all of the documentation and paperwork at one time in one place without the constant going back and forth between you and the doctor.