Health Systems

ClikRx is able to offer your health system a range of services that help you, your doctors, and your patients have better experiences when working with 3rd party providers. We know that coordinating care isn't as easy as it would seem, and have built our system from the ground up with you in mind. That's why we have made our system to help you with processing patient referrals from beginning to end.

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When you work to integrate 3rd party providers into your EMR, it takes a lot of time to set them up one company at a time. This creates a lot of open connections to your EMR, which means a lot of points that patient data leaks can happen from.

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ClikRx takes the heavy lifting out of integrations by working directly with 3rd party providers on your behalf. Once ClikRx has integrated with your EMR, we set it up so that doctors can easily push only the information they need to send to these providers. In addition to making the integration process easier for you, we also help doctors quickly match patients with the right provider based on the patient's need and insurance coverage. When a doctor finds the perfect match, ClikRx provides the doctor and their staff with all of the paperwork that needs to be completed so that your doctors can find the right provider, complete the paperwork, and submit everything all in one step without the constant back and forth communication.